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   Memory of Matter. By Mancuso Marcello
                     New Series 

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memoria della materia coffe table11.jpg

     Aluminum Casting Series

Coffe table, Geology.

By Mancuso Marcello.

Limited edition

 Cast aluminum, Geology series.

 cm. H 34.  W 110.   D 75.  

            Monolithic Series,
Sculptures by Mancuso Marcello

Coffe table, Trunk.

By Mancuso Marcello.

Limited edition.  

 Cast aluminum, trunk series.

 cm. H 35.  W 120.   D 55.  


       Sculptor Mancuso Marcello


Marcello Mancuso is an award-winning Italian painter and sculptor whose art has been featured in several solo exhibitions throughout Italy. He has always been fascinated by the dimension in which matter acquires form and meaning, translating into an extraordinary means of communication. Mancuso’s works explore the links between the physical and the intangible reality of being. Somewhere between informal geometric abstraction and futurist, his bronze sculptures capture elusive sentimental dynamics.

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